Cricket isn't as well-known as football or tennis (although it is starting to catch up real fast when it comes to gaining an audience worldwide). When it comes to internet betting, though, it is one of the most popular sports to play on. This is because cricket, whether it is Twenty20, One Day, or Test Cricket, is almost perfect for betting fans because it allows them to wager on a wide range of markets ranging from sheer luck to extreme cricket knowledge. In general, a gambler can bet on anything from the toss to the match, from the top batsman to the top bowler, from the first over total runs to the first wicket method, and a variety of other, even more specialized betting markets.

We will attempt to list and explain all of the cricket bets that are accessible and possible to bet on in this article. This is the post for you whether you are a betting novice who enjoys cricket or a betting aficionado who is new to cricket and would like to add another sport to his 'betting portfolio.


This is a complete list of the cricket bets we will discuss on this page. To move to a bet you'd like to learn more about, click on it, or scroll down to read about them from top to bottom.

To Win the Match

We'll start with the most apparent bet of all: which team will win the contest. In most sports, this is the easiest bet to make, but because cricket is a little more complicated, we recommend that you examine your betting provider's section on how matches are settled before placing your wager.

This is due to the fact that betting becomes more difficult when test matches or one-day games have the possibility of a tie. For test matches, the draw is usually one of the possible outcomes to bet on, however a tie could result in your money being refunded. However, as with most other sports, the basic rule is that if you bet on the team that wins the match according to official competition regulations, you are also a winner.

Top Team Batsman

When you bet on Top Team Batsman, you're simply betting on the batsman for one of the sides who will score the most runs throughout the match. The batsmen of both sides are considered, and experienced performers such as Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, David Warner, Joe Root, and Steve Smith are usually the safest picks.

However, as you might guess, these players have the lowest odds, which means that if you win, you'll get less money than if you bet on guys like Mitchell Marsh, Matt Wade, or Hardik Himanshu Pandya, who have outsider chances.

When two or more players finish a game with the same number of runs, dead heat rules normally apply. This means that if two elite batters score the same number of runs, your predicted gains are divided by two, resulting in a bet worth half of your initial stake.

Top Match Batsman

The only difference between this market and the previous one is that instead of betting on his own side, you bet on the batter who will score the most runs in the match.

Top Team Bowler

When a person bets on the best team bowler, he or she is basically betting on the amount of wickets the bowler will take. If two or more bowlers have the same number of wickets, the bowler who concedes the fewest runs is declared the winner. If this does not determine the winner, dead heat rules will be applied.

Bowlers with a track record of taking wickets are good bets for this type of bet. Ravichandran Ashwin, arguably the best bowling specialist in Tests and ODIs, would be an excellent candidate.

1st Over Total Runs

The total amount of runs scored in the first over is the subject of this wager. The gambler has two choices. To estimate whether the total number of runs scored in the first over will be Under or Over the betting provider's set quantity.

A Fifty or a Hundred to Be Scored in the Match

This bet is self-explanatory. These are two distinct bets that pay out whether a batsman scores a fifty or a hundred in the match. Obviously, test and one-day matches have a considerably larger possibility of scoring fifty or a hundred runs than Twenty20 matches, where hitting a century is extremely difficult.

A Fifty or a Hundred to Be Scored in the 1st Innings

This is a variant of the previous market, which is normally available only for test matches, which are much lengthier than one-day matches and Twenty20 matches. It just takes into account the first inning.

1st Wicket Method

There are six alternatives available to traders on this market. Caught, Bowled, LBW, Run Out, Stumped, and Others are the available alternatives. Caught is the most common of them, which is why it always has the lowest odds.

Highest Opening Partnership

The goal of this market is to pick the club that will score the most runs in their opening partnership. The opening partnership of the team that is favored to win the match normally has lower odds, whilst the highest odds are allocated for the extremely unlikely scenario in which both starting partnerships score the same number of runs.

To Win the Toss

This market is solely based on luck. Unfortunately, toss predictions are unattainable. This is only for those who enjoy the rush of quick wins that are totally dependent on Lady Luck. Cricket, like most other sports begins with a coin toss. And, as the market's name suggests, you may wager on it. Punters do not have to estimate what the toss-winning team will do next. They just bet on who will win.

Team to Make Highest 1st 6 Overs

The team with the highest run total over the first six overs wins the bet, as the name implies. The winner of this market may or may not also be the match winner.

Most Match Sixes

Punters can pick which team will hit the most sixes out of the two. In general, bettors should search for teams that have a lot of 6s in their names, such as Martin Guptill, Quinton de Kock, and David Warner. You can also choose which batsman would hit the most sixes as a variant on this market.

Batsman Matches

This is a market in which the betting provider creates fake duels and the batsman with the highest total number of runs wins the duel. The batsmen that are frequently chosen are often evenly matched, making it tough to pick a winner.

Man of the Match

The Man of the Match market brings this collection of bets to a close. At the conclusion of each cricket match, the best performer is chosen and granted the Man of the Match award, like in most other team sports. This is usually a player from the winning team, which is why star players from the team that is considered the favorite prior to the match have lower odds. Players from the losing team, on the other hand, frequently put in outstanding performances and receive the prize. These players have greater odds, providing a good chance for betting fans to make money.



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